Lessons Learned

For the fourth year, we have completed our work here on Paros and our students have left the community with two documentaries concerning some of the wonderful aspects of this island. This year we did one documentary on the farmers of Paros and the importance of agriculture on the island. Our other documentary was about […]

My Luck Ran Out.

This is my fifth time coming to Greece. It has been absolutely amazing every single time. Every year, I look forward to seeing that unbelievably blue water and the hot, hot, hot sun. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve had as many transportation problems in my life as I’ve had over the last weekend. My good […]

Looking at Photos

Photos are amazing! In an instant, a moment in time is captured and preserved thereby giving memories a tangible form.  Although the pictures don’t evolve, the slow march of time changes how we see and feel about them. As our trip to Paros comes to a close, the way I view certain pictures has changed […]


While I’ve been here in Paros, I have had the chance to do incredible things that I never thought I would. However, I believe one of the most important things that I have developed here are the relationships that I have with my peers, both old and new. When I first came on this trip, […]

The Climb

I was the last to arrive here in Paros out of our group of students, but thankfully I feel like I have experienced as much of the island as everyone else. Every time a small group decides to go out for dinner, go outshopping, or even just take a walk, there is always an offer […]

A Little Bit of Paros

I had the opportunity to interview a massage therapist who is also a yoga teacher, and teaches the Greek language. We met 3 days before the interview to speak about what the interview experience would be like. During this encounter, as well as during the interview itself, she spoke about her love of Paros. This […]

Pride for What You Do

I thought that working at the University Library at IUPUI was going to be difficult for me for a few reasons: I do not consider myself to be an avid reader and my assumption was that I was going to be asked how many books I read per week in my interview (I was not […]


Despite everything on Paros being centered on the evolving and ever growing tourism industry, I was struck with inspiration for this blog today while we toured the ancient ruins of Despotiko. This is an ancient temple off the coast of the island of  Antiparos and they are in the process of doing something that I […]

If I Were a Superhero….

As kids, we always get asked what we want to be when we grow up, but the other common question we seem to get is what do you want your super power to be? There tends to be a common theme of flying or strength or invisibility, but after being on the island of Paros, […]

Only the Start

A week and half has passed since we began our adventure here on Paros. We’re weary from hard work and sore from our travels, but the hunger for new experiences rages on. So far, we’ve seen historical monuments, kayaked to a church on an island, explored the ancient quarries and we are by no means done. […]