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Degree Requirements for Ph.D. minor in Applied Data Science

The Ph.D. minor in Applied Data Science is a 12-credit hour program comprised of four (4) courses, each of which is 3 credit hours.

Prerequisites (6 cr.)

A graduate course in inferential statistics, such as

A graduate course in databases, such as

Required Courses (9 cr.)

Specialization Course

Select one from the following courses in consultation with the minor advisor:

Please refer to the IUPUI Registrar website for the detailed schedule of the courses.

Grading Policy

A minimum grade of B (3.0) is required in each course that is to count toward the minor. If a minimum grade of B (3.0) is not earned in a course, that course must be retaken. A course may only be retaken once. Students who fail to achieve the minimum grade of B (3.0) the second time they take a course will not be able to earn the Ph.D. minor.

A maximum of three credits from another institution may be applied toward the minor. No undergraduate courses may be applied to the minor.

Qualifying Exam

The Ph.D. minor in Applied Data Science does not require a qualifying exam.