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Ph.D. minor in Applied Data Science

Data science is pervasive

The Ph.D. minor in Applied Data Science offers doctoral students in other disciplines the opportunity to learn data science approaches and apply them to problems in their major. Data science is now applied to every field. Data science concepts and approaches are required of researchers who collect, curate, manage, analyze, and visualize the big data found in massive, complex, diverse, and distributed repositories.

Our nation’s research enterprise is positioned for gains from the accelerated growth in the generation of digitally born data, and advances in security, privacy, and ethics will be paramount to realizing these gains. The gains are furthered by the potential to link scholarly publications with the data on which the research is based and uniquely identify each dataset for discovery through a web of linked data. The economic potential of research can be realized more fully and quickly when the research can be replicated, and when data can be shared broadly and used and reused in science and policymaking.
Degree requirements

Labor market need

Data work is often associated with the skills and strategies deployed by data scientists. The current situation for employers is dire with an estimated dearth of 200,000 professionals with deep analytical skills and 1.5 million employees lacking the knowledge to make decisions effectively using big data insights. But for students in this minor, the outlook is bright. O*NET reports their jobs are expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.  In July 2017, job aggregator reports for data scientist jobs an average of $96,000 for Indianapolis and $113,000 nationally.

Indiana has stronger growth percentage-wise than the U.S. overall, indicating the state is attracting high-tech professionals with Indianapolis aspiring to become the “Silicon Valley of the Midwest.”  Trends highlight Indianapolis as a thriving market—a standout compared with other noncoastal regions of the country. Data science is part of the growing local industry in information technology, with leading companies such as Angie’s List, Geofeedia, Interactive Intelligence, and Salesforce. The minor leverages on collaborative opportunities at IUPUI and in Indianapolis that are unique in the state.

Getting started

To be admitted to the Ph.D. Minor, the applicant must be currently enrolled at IUPUI or IU, Bloomington in a doctoral program other than Data Science. The student must also be in good academic standing and possess knowledge and skills in calculus, linear algebra, and programming.

Application Deadline

  • Fall Admission: August 1
  • Spring Admission: December 1

Application Procedure

If you would like to apply to the Ph.D. minor, please submit an application package (PDF) via email to the Graduate Program Coordinator at It must contain

  • University student ID
  • A one-page statement explaining the student’s (1) preparation for the Ph.D. minor and (2) how the minor contributes to the student’s doctoral research and (3) career goals
  • A resume or curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Transcripts highlighting courses in calculus, linear algebra, and programming
  • Approval from the student’s primary advisor

Accepted students will be notified promptly.