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Regular Hourly and Student Hourly Employment

The following information is for students who will begin hourly employment with the School of Informatics and Computing.

Step 1

We will need to perform a background check unless you meet one of the following criteria:

  1. You are currently employed by Indiana University or left employment with Indiana University but had a background check by IU within the past year.
  2. You are an international student who has been in the United States for less than 12 months (the background check which was performed before you entered the United States will suffice).
  3. If you don’t meet the above criteria for an exception to the background check policy, please contact the administrator assisting with your hire.

Notify HR that a background check is needed

Step 2

If you don’t have a 10-digit IU ID number, please complete the Personal Profile Form (ED). If you already have a 10-digit IU ID number, we don’t need the PPF ED form.

Scan the completed document and return it to the staff member who originally contacted and directed you to this page (either Nancy Barker at or Jeff Hostetler at

Step 3

Completing the I-9 form is the next step. Once we have received and processed the documents described in Step 2, you will receive an E-mail from GIS asking you to provide personal data for the federal employment eligibility verification process (Dept of Homeland Security, USCIS Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification). This is required of each and every person who is employed in the US. Please immediately access the GIS secure website and provide the requested personal data.

Tips for international students in completing the I-9:

  • When asked for a social security number, if you do not have a SSN, check the box for “applying.”
  • “I attest under penalty of perjury…” please check the box for “An alien authorized to work.”
  • Alien # or Admission# – Use the admission number (all numbers) found on the I-94. Please download your I-94 from the USCIS webpage and bring a copy to your appointment.
  • “until (expiration date, if applicable)” refers to the expiration date of your I-20 or DS-2019.

Step 4

Set up an appointment to meet with the administrative team member handling your hire (the individual who contacted you by email originally to direct you to this page) as soon as possible to present your documentation and complete the I-9 process in step 4 and to receive information on your faculty assignment. If you are not currently in the United States, make an appointment  after you arrive here.

Bring to your appointment your original identification documents for verification of your employment eligibility.

Do NOT try to submit these documents via email. By federal regulation, this part of the hiring process must be performed in-person. If you are a permanent resident, please bring your permanent resident card. If you are not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, bring your passport, I-94 and sponsoring documents (e.g. I-20, DS-2019).


If you do not have a timesheet in the system (Kuali TIME), you are not authorized to work. You should not perform any work or attend any lab meetings as part of your employment, until you have a timesheet in TIME. No exceptions.