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Design Sprint: Designing the Reconnected Community

Join us to imagine innovative solutions to some of our most pressing social challenges: Hunger, homelessness, and other related problems people face when they lose their sustaining connections to society. How can we help reconnect them?

The Human-Centered Computing Department of the School of Informatics and Computing announces a Design Sprint / Workshop open to ALL students at IUPUI. In the Sprint, student teams will brainstorm innovative solutions to these intertwined challenges. Cash prizes will be given to teams that develop the best concepts.

Led by SoIC professors Lou Lenzi and Steve Mannheimer, the Sprint offers a two-week intensive workshop in design thinking, a compressed overview of relevant information for the Indianapolis area, and contacts with community leaders already addressing these challenges.


Participation is limited to 25 students, who will form teams of 3–4 members. Five group meetings will be held:

  • Friday, Sept 27 (3:30–6:30 pm, with food);
  • Wednesday Oct. 2 (6–9 pm with food);
  • Friday, Oct. 4 (11–2 pm with food);
  • Wednesday Oct. 9 (6–9 pm with food); and
  • Friday Oct. 11 (1–3pm) for final presentations and awards.

Between meetings, teams will research and develop their prototype design solutions.

On the final day of the Sprint, student teams will explain their solutions in short PowerPoint presentations to a jury of experts. The jury will award cash prizes for Best Concept ($1,500), 2nd Best Concept ($1,000), 3rd Best ($500), and one or two honorable mentions ($100).


For questions about the Sprint, contact Lou Lenzi or Steve Mannheimer

Register By September 25