Computer Information Technology specialization

Informatics students have several options to satisfy the specialization requirements for the Computer Information Technology specialization.

If you do choose to pursue a minor, certificate or specialization in Computer Information Technology, please be aware of the following equivalencies between the Informatics and CIT programs.

Informatics Course CIT Course
INFO-I 101 Introduction to Informatics CIT 11200 Information Technology Fundamentals
INFO-I 201 Mathematical Foundations of Informatics CIT 12000 Quantitative Analysis I
NEWM-N 220 Introduction to Media Application Development CIT 14000 Programming Constructs Laboratory
INFO-I 308 Information Representation CIT 21400 Introduction to Data Management
Connect with your advisor CIT 21200 Website Design

When you choose your CIT minor, please contact Kelly Keelen ( or Sheila Walter ( to add it to your plan.

When applying for graduation, you must also complete an application for the minor

Computer Information Technology Minors and Certificates

The Purdue School of Engineering and Technology offers minors in Information Security, Application Development, Network Security, Database Systems, or Network Systems.

The Computer and Graphics Technology department also offers certificates in E-Commerce Development, Web Development, and Network Security.

Informatics specialization option

The last option is to complete an area of specialization which is NOT an official minor or certificate through CIT, but will satisfy the School of Informatics and Computing specialization requirement.

Students who have completed the core courses in informatics should meet all prerequisites for the first course listed in each CIT area of specialization. Below are the options:

Option I: Systems and Database Development

Prerequisite: CIT 21400 or INFO I308

  • CIT 21300 Systems Analysis (3 cr.)  [P: CIT 21400 or INFO I308]
  • CIT 27000 (Java)  or 24200 (ASP.NET) or 21500 (PHP)
  • CIT 37400 Systems and Database Analysis (4 cr.) (offered Fall only) [P: CIT 21300]

Select 2 from the following:

  • CIT  30400 Database Programming  (3 cr.) [P: CIT  21500, CIT 24200, or CIT 27000]
  • CIT 44400 Advanced Database Design (3 cr.) (Fall only)
  • CIT 31300 Commercial Website Development [P: 21200 and (CIT 21500 or CIT 24200)
  • CIT 34700 Advanced ASP.NET [P: CIT 24200]
  • CIT 38800 Java II or VB II [P: One 200-level Programming Course]

Option II: Networking Systems

Prerequisite: Completion of 6 hours of Quantitative and Analytical Skills requirement

  • CIT 20200 Network Fundamentals (3 cr.) [P: CIT 20700]
  • CIT 20300 Communications Security and Network Controls (3 cr.) [P: CIT 20700]
  • CIT 20700 Data Communications (4 cr.) [P: CIT 17600]
  • CIT 32700 Wireless Communication (3 cr.) [P: CIT 20700]
  • CIT 40200 Design and Implementation of Local Area Networks (3 cr.) [P: CIT 20700] or CIT 35600 Network Operating Systems Administration (3 cr.) [P: CIT 20200]

Option III: Programming

Prerequisite: CIT 14000 Programming Constructs Lab or CSCI N335 Advanced Programming: VB

  • CIT 24200 Intro to ASP.NET Programming (3 cr.) [P: CIT 14000]
  • CIT 27000 Introduction to Java (3 cr.) [P: CIT 14000]
  • CIT 34700 Advanced ASP.NET Programming (3 cr.) [P: CIT 24200]
  • CIT 38800 Java Programming II (3 cr.) or CIT 32900 Java Server Pages (3 cr.) [P: CIT 27000]