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Certificate in Multi-Device Development

Discover how 18 credits can change your future


You complete this certificate entirely online.

You know mobile devices are integral to our lives. In just 16 weeks, you can be developing mobile and desktop applications, when you earn a certificate from the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI.

SoIC’s boot camp-style program equips you with the skills for an entry-level job creating client-side websites and web and mobile applications, earning $40,000 a year or more. It’s ideal for recent high school graduates and adult learners.

This 18-credit-hour certificate is quick and affordable … and it’s all online. Also, unlike other boot camp programs, every credit you earn with this certificate can apply toward a bachelor’s degree.

Position yourself for success

This certificate is a cost-effective way to gain the technology skills that employers want.

By earning it from SoIC, you do more than qualify for a good entry-level job: you’re also setting yourself up for the future.


Average annual salary nationally for web developers, per O*NET

Where can your certificate take you?

Your Certificate in Multi-Device Development will qualify you for jobs including:

Flexibility for your busy life

Our 16-week intensive boot camp gets you into the job market fast. You earn your certificate in desktop and mobile device development entirely online, making it easy to fit into your schedule.

Or, you can earn the certificate as part of a 4-year bachelor’s degree.

The breakdown

  • Your first 4 weeks:

    NEWM-N 115 Introduction to Multi-Device Web Development
    In this online course you’ll study the basic tools to produce interactive media-rich Web pages, and learn about the design, development, and deployment of a personal Web site.

  • Weeks 5-8:

    NEWM-N 215 Intermediate Multi-Device Web Development
    Work with content management systems and gain insights into Web publishing, and how to prepare, manage, and organize media online.

  • Weeks 9-10:

    NEWM-N 315 Advanced Multi-Device Web Development
    In these two weeks you’ll delve into advanced creation, publication, and management of media-rich, interactive publications for online distribution.

  • Weeks 11-12

    NEWM-N 320 Intermediate Media Application Development
    Explore intermediate-level skills for design of interactive multimedia applications for desktop and mobile devices. Use industry-standard tools to create applications emphasizing animation and interactivity.

  • Weeks 13-14

    NEWM-N 322 Dynamic Data Applications
    You’ll immerse yourself in the techniques of creating multi-media applications.

  • Weeks 15-16

    NEWM-N 423 Database Development for Mobile Applications
    Your final two weeks will cover the development of mobile applications, and methods for securely storing and retrieving data.

Note for Ivy Tech transfer students: This certificate offers a quick pathway to a credential, or completion of courses that may be required for your bachelor’s degree.

Make it pay

After you earn your certificate and get a job, you can continue your education and be on the way to a well-paying career.

You certificate gives you an 18-credit-hour head start on a bachelor’s degree, saving you time and cash. Which makes SoIC’s Multi-Device Certificate a short-term AND a long-term investment … in your future.

If your employer offers a tuition reimbursement program, use that to further reduce the cost of a 4-year program, like our Learn to be a Full-stack Developer dual degree. lists the starting salary for full-stack developer in Indianapolis at $81,086, rising to $119,573 after 3-5 years of experience.

What does it cost?

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This certificate is eligible for financial aid.

Getting started

Turn your interest in web development into a career with the certificate in Multi-Device Development. You can earn this as a stand-alone certificate, or as part of an undergraduate degree. To get started, you’ll need to be admitted to IUPUI as an undergraduate student.

When applying, select ‘I want to earn a Certificate’ and then ‘Multi-Device Development (16 Week Online Bootcamp)’ to apply for this program.