NEWM-N 445 3D Character Development

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: NEWM-N 243
  • Delivery: On-Campus
  • An advanced class in working with character development, creation, and implementation for game and film pipelines. This class takes the basics of 3D organic modeling to an advanced level by including character development, modeling, texturing, rigging and basic animation. This course covers advanced modeling techniques used for building three-dimensional character and creatures. Students will explore techniques of character modeling to include the various approaches of figure construction. Other topics covered include research/planning, marketing, preproduction, production and postproduction.

    Learning Outcomes

    Students will develop 2 photorealistic objects, and display them appropriately for their intended industry. The first example will be an “believable” human, the second a “believable” creature. Students will conceptualize their proposals using traditional proven art techniques and references gathered from real world.

    Course Schedule

    This course is not being offered this semester.