NEWM-N 440 3D Compositing and Visual Effects

3 credits

Prerequisites: NEWM-N 243; Recommended: NEWM-N 341 or instructor approval

An advanced course covering the integration of CGI (computer-generated imagery) and digital effect techniques for video production, as used in industry. Students learn the techniques for creating digital effects, shooting video for effects, and the use of effects to aid in the telling of a story.

Learning Outcomes

  • Composite CG with video to a high quality level.
  • Perform detailed modeling, animation, texturing, and dynamic effects.
  • Deliver production and portfolio quality animations that deliver advanced aesthetics, fluidity in animation, and mastery of Composite/3D production workflow. High quality animation and simulations will be expected.
  • Deliver film and short story projects and scientific simulation productions.
  • Learn compositing and 3D procedures that should work across a variety of software platforms.
  • Create productions that are efficient in space and time.

Course Delivery

  • On-Campus

Course Schedule

This course is not being offered this semester.