NEWM-N 436 Game Production

3 credits

Prerequisites: None

This course engages students in the design, development, and implementation of a multifaceted, large-scale game, played by the wider community. Students form cross- functional teams, leveraging on their diverse backgrounds and expertise, to employ of variety of technologies in implementing the massively multiplayer game. Topics include alternate reality and augmented reality.

Learning Outcomes

  • Design, develop, and implement a multifaceted, large-scale game.
  • Employ a variety of technologies in developing the game, including alternate reality, virtual reality, and augmented reality.
  • Collaborate with with peers with different backgrounds, specializations, and skill sets to obtain results that leverage on each individual’s strengths.
  • Revise designs based on peer and user criticism and provide constructive critiques to peers.

Course Delivery

  • On-Campus

Course Schedule

This course is not being offered this semester.