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NEWM-N 337 Virtual World Design and Development

3 credits

Prerequisites: NEWM-N 220 or INFO-I 210

This course explores the state of the art of virtual worlds, social constructions formed within them, and technical details of building the worlds. Topics include procedural world generation, avatar creation, real-time interaction, and client data storage. Students construct a virtual world, either individually or in a group.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the architecture of multiuser virtual worlds.
  • Discuss the state of the art of multiuser virtual worlds, including genres, gameplay, and key interaction methods.
  • Design virtual worlds by drawing upon the patterns currently established in the industry.
  • Analyze a virtual world for key elements such as social systems, potential architecture, and hooks to keep the player in the game.
  • Script a rudimentary virtual world using Unity 3D.

Course Delivery

  • On-Campus

Course Schedule