NEWM-N 333 Creature and Character Design for Videogames, Comics, Film, and Animation

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: Contact the instructor for permission to enroll
  • Delivery: On-Campus
  • Learn how to create original fantasy creatures and their backstories through an appreciation of the history, concepts, and production techniques behind this art form. Find out why creatures have taken hold of popular culture and the public imagination and how they can enrich interactive projects, learning experiences, and entertainment.

    This course will give students a fundamental grasp of creature creation and their underlying narratives, world creation/development, basic design solutions, character, creature, and environmental design choices, an understanding of creature design, and a comprehensive working knowledge of the history, development, and evolution of the creature creation from the dawn of our civilization to the present day.

    Additionally, there will be a focus into individual designers, creators, and tinkerers who create(d) and developed the modern history of creatures across modern media avenues. These skill sets will endorse students’ knowledge of the professional creature construction and allow them to have a working knowledge of creature and their production.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Create original fantasy creatures.
    • Write backstories and narratives for creatures.
    • Create and develop creature worlds.
    • Apply basic design solutions.
    • Make character, creature, and environmental design choices.
    • Understand the history and development of creature design.
    • Analyze the merits and demerits of what makes a creature believable.
    • Discuss creature-related problems and solutions.
    • Develop creations inspired by the history of life on this planet.

    Course Schedule


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