NEWM-N 331 Game Testing and Evaluation

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Delivery: On-Campus
  • Students evaluate game quality and usability throughout the development cycle. Topics include sampling and recruiting play testers as well as identifying and adjusting factors to enhance gameplay outcomes, such as playability and enjoyment.

    This course focuses on the evaluation of the quality of a game in both early and later states. Students will learn usability evaluation techniques and apply them to the evaluation of their own and others games. Recruitment and sampling of the correct, real-world individuals will be required. Additional work will be done to understand the factors that go into making a game playable and enjoyable and how to identify those factors and tweak them to produce better gameplay outcomes.

    Learning Outcomes

    • List factors that influence the user’s perception of a game (level 2)
    • Recruit and guide individuals through a playtest of a game in accord with best practices (level 3)
    • Prepare a report on the findings of a particular playtest with insights on potential solutions (level 6)
    • Chose and implement testing appropriate for the development stage of a game (level 5)

    Course Schedule

    This course is not being offered this semester.