NEWM-N 262 Introduction to Comics and Sequential Narratives

3 credits

Prerequisites: None

An introduction to the use of panel-to-panel and frame-to-frame sequential storytelling as foundational elements of animation and storytelling. Other topics covered include pre-visualization, storyboards, and character design.

Students will become familiar and comfortable with 2D visual storytelling, illustration, design, integrated text, media integration of their creations, and final production techniques. Additionally, students will develop a series of storyboards, visuals, and comic books utilizing existing new media knowledge and applications.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the fundamental elements of comics and sequential art.
  • Understand the history of comics and sequential art, including their cultural significance.
  • Understand literary elements and how they are employed to tell stories in comics and sequential art.
  • Analyze literary genres used in comics and sequential art.
  • Justify the literary and social uses of comics as a story telling medium.
  • Create a complete visual narrative, from story conception to graphical execution.
  • Apply the tools, strategies, and techniques for 2D print and web narratives.
  • Use light, dark, color, and perspective to express ideas and moods.

Course Delivery

  • On-Campus

Course Schedule