INFO-B 644 Consumer Health Informatics

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Delivery: Online
  • This is a consumer health informatics course in which we learn about how technologies are used to deliver healthcare to the public.  Topics include:

    • models for the delivery of consumer health information
    • Internet-based information delivery
    • access to patient information and privacy issues
    • quality of consumer health information
    • health literacy and health information literacy
    • design and development of consumer health information resources
    • consumer access to clinical information and current research

    By the completion of this course, students will be able to:

    1. Compare and evaluate available consumer health information technologies, including web-based delivery; social networking sites such as news groups and chat rooms; e-mail; telephone; telehealth tools; and relevant virtual spaces.
    2. Evaluate the quality of the information delivered on the Internet; and recommend strategies for ensuring information quality.
    3. Examine the impact of technology-based information on consumer healthcare decision-making, patient self-management, and organizational management and decision-making.
    4. Analyze the changing relationships between healthcare consumers, patients and healthcare professionals as a result of available consumer information technologies.
    5. Describe the issues and challenges of healthcare delivery using telehealth and other technology-drive approaches.
    6. Recommend strategies for using technologies to enhance interpersonal relationships among healthcare professionals, patients and consumers.
    7. Analyze the social and ethical issues related to online, digitized or telehealth-based health information and care delivery.  Consider the implications and outcomes of various policy decisions at local, regional and national levels.
    8. Recognize contemporary trends and best practices in consumer health information seeking and usage.
    9. Develop an informed understanding of the creation of online consumer health information sources.
    10. Understand the role of the federal government and professional organizations in the development and proliferation of consumer health information resources.