INFO-B 626 Human Factors Engineering for Health Informatics

3 credits

Prerequisites: INFO-I 501 and INFO-B 535

In this course, students review and critique traditional and emerging human factors engineering approaches, concepts, and methods and apply them to contemporary health informatics problems. Class activities include discussions and interactive peer review of articles, presentations, and original research proposals.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply human factors engineering, including its principles and subspecialties.
  2. Evaluate a health informatics problem using human factors engineering concepts and methods.
  3. Critique scientific articles and other readings on human factors engineering.
  4. Synthesize knowledge from different areas of human factors engineering to solve a contemporary health informatics problem.
  5. Develop and communicate a research study proposal to apply human factors engineering to a contemporary health informatics issue.

Course Delivery

  • On-Campus

Course Schedule

This course is not being offered this semester.