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BIOL-N 211 Anatomy for Healthcare Management

3 credits

Prerequisites: None

This course focuses on internal and external structures and the physical relations between them. Anatomy is studied at many levels, from molecular through microscopic to gross anatomy. Anatomical concepts are studied from a developmental perspective. Models, slides, photographs, and dissections are used.

Note: Cannot substitute for BIOL N261 Human Anatomy (5 cr.).

Learning Outcomes

  1. Summarize the organizational levels of the human body, from molecular to organismal.
  2. Describe cellular components.
  3. Identify the major tissues microscopically and describe them.
  4. Describe major organ systems and components.
  5. Describe the flow of blood through the body including the kidneys and the process of urine production.
  6. Describe major neuroanatomical connections.
  7. Describe special senses such as olfaction, vision, taste, touch, and audition from an anatomical perspective.

Course Delivery

  • Online

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