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Internship Application

Apply for an internship.

Internships are highly recommended for establishing your portfolio, building your resume, and landing the career you want. Internships are also an important part of IUPUI’s RISE initiative, which challenges students to incorporate experiential learning into their degree programs for intellectual and professional development.

Internship Benefits

  • Obtain “real-life” work experience, in addition to academic classroom experience and knowledge, in order to enhance the opportunity to gain full-time employment after graduation.
  • Enhance marketability upon graduation by learning valuable communications skills from various work settings.
  • Receive academic credit toward graduation.
  • Earn money to help defray the cost of education.
  • Develop self-confidence, responsibility, and professional competence.
  • Gain networking contacts and exposure to the working world.
  • Develop short-term and long-range career goals.
  • Integrate work experiences with classroom instruction.

What Makes a Great Internship Employer?

  • An opportunity must have a mentoring supervisor—someone who knows how to complete the project but is asking for student assistance. The mentoring supervisor must be willing to provide direction as needed.
  • The duties and responsibilities of the internship should consist of work that would be given to a person starting in an entry-level position. A typical split would be 80% professional and 20% administrative.
  • The employer should be based out of a corporate (commercial) location. To qualify for credit, students should not engage employers that run businesses out of a personal residence or home.

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