Undergraduate & Graduate Internships

Internship Application

Apply for an internship.

The School of Informatics and Computing allows students to receive elective course credit for internships approved by the Career Services Office. Please review our helpful guide on the different internship opportunities available and contact us to discuss specific possibilities for you.

Credit Internships

Credit internships are structured internships that require a student to complete a course for college credit (3–6 credit hours).  Internships that extend beyond one semester may be considered for additional credit hour registration in future semesters. Coursework for credit internship courses includes:

  • Daily Journal (identifying areas of learning)
  • Employer Evaluation
  • Student Evaluation
  • Discussion Forums
  • Site Visit (by the Internship Program Director/Instructor)
  • Executive Summary (of internship experience)
  • A minimum of 45 working hours per credit hour
  • Related professional duties and responsibilities must align with the internship course of enrollment

You may seek credit for paid or unpaid internships.  It is up to the student to seek credit for curriculum fulfillment or in response to an employer requesting an internship to be taken for credit. Courses are taught via Canvas so in-class time is not required.

Internship Pay

We encourage employers to pay their interns. Pay can average $10–15 per hour with an overall range of $8–25+ per hour depending on major, industry, and demand.

Length of Internship

Credit and non-credit internships typically last the duration of a summer, spring, or fall semesters, but may depend on dates set between the employer and student.

  • Keep in mind the purpose for doing an internship is to gain experience, so pay should be viewed as a benefit. The employer is providing a means to gain well needed experience by allowing you to work directly with managers in your chosen career field.
  • For unpaid positions, always look at the duties and responsibilities of the position to make sure the tasks are worth pursuing. If you are unsure of the credibility of the position, you may bring the description to the Career Services Office for review.
  • Employers should be aware that unpaid internships may impact the quality and quantity of students that apply.

Working Hours

  • A part-time internship consists of 10–30 working hours per week.
  • A full-time internship consists of 40 working hours per week.
  • Summer internships tend to have full-time working hours.
  • Employers typically provide flexible work hours to help work around class schedules.

Registering for a credit or non-credit internship course

Once an internship is obtained, an internship form will need to be filled out. The mentoring supervisor will need to sign off on the form to acknowledge the internship and verify that all information is correct. You will be contacted with a course number for registration should your internship qualify for credit.

The student and site supervisor also must sign-off on the Internship Policy Acknowledgement and submit on Canvas.

Non-Credit Internship Recording on Transcripts—INFO I490 Professional Practice

International students on visas are generally not eligible for non-credit internships.

Students may apply for a “Milestone” to be designated on their transcript for internships that are not taken for credit. Milestone internships are a good way to show experience on a transcript to employers or for applying to graduate programs. To obtain a Milestone designation, a student must fill out and return an internship form and indicate a Non-Credit Internship at the top of the form. This form must be submitted prior to the start of the internship.

All Milestone Internships must meet the minimum non-credit internships standards as stated on the form to be considered for transcript designation. Internships reported for credit will not be marked as Milestones. Credit bearing internships are recorded as a course on the transcript under the appropriate internship course number upon registration.

All Milestone Internships must meet the minimum non-credit internships standards as stated on the form to be considered for transcript designation.

Internships for International Students

You may receive authorization to work off-campus under a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) work permit for internships. A CPT work permit requires international students to be registered for a credit internship course that has a practicum component.  To obtain CPT authorization, call the Office of International Affairs at (317) 274-7000 for more information.