Thank You Letter

Within 24-48 hours of meeting with an interviewer or potential employer a follow-up thank you letter should be sent thanking them for the opportunity.  Both handwritten cards and email are acceptable.  This serves as a good follow-up reminder to the interviewer of your interests in the position. You should send a thank you letter after each interview, even if you are not interested in the position.  As your career develops you may find that the interviewer works for another company that you’d want to work for in the future so first impressions may be long-lasting.

Example Letter

561 West Drive
Southport, IN 46238

June 2, 2006

Mia Seagram
Art Production Manager
Creative Productions Inc.
256 Artistic Way Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46278

Ms. Seagram:

Body:  In two or three paragraphs state why you are writing, name the position you interviewed for and the date of the interview, review highlights of the interview, and reaffirm your interest in the position.



Pete Schmidt