Internship and Job Search Process

There are several steps in a job search process.  Many feel that finding the right internship or job is a full-time job in itself.  The Career Services Office can help teach you the tools needed to be successful if you  take the time to put forth the effort to use the information.

Step 1:  Assess yourself

This entails examining your skills, interests and values.  These can be referred to as your abilities, such as leadership, teamwork, communication, research analytical, and computer skills.  Values are things that are important to you, such as flex time to work around family schedules.  Your interests are activities that spark your intellect and keep you focused on the outcomes.  Exercises to completely assess these areas can be obtained by visiting the Career Services Office.

Step 2:  Major and Career Exploration

Do your research through informational interviews and job shadowing to allow yourself to view different careers and work cultures in a variety of companies.  Every career path and company within industries have different cultures so getting exposure to these different work environments to see which is a good fit for you is recommended.  Choose a variety so you will have good comparisons and will not question choices after graduation.

Step 3:  Utilize your search resources

Don’t limit yourself.  Here are some suggested resources:

  • The schools recruiting system.
  • Networking with Employers (approach employers at events such as student organization meetings or after you hear a speaker at a local event, attend job fairs or open houses, conduct informational interviews, or call to set up a Job Shadowing Day with an employer of choice).
  • Talk with Faculty about your plans and see if there are ideas on what industries or companies may be hiring.
  • Seek coaching from the Career Services Office which is constantly getting calls from employers.

Step 4:  Stay focused

Be realistic about your abilities and interests, but prepare to be flexible and consider unexpected possibilities.  It is a tough market out there and it may be best to keep your options open.  Keep in touch with the Career Services Office and talk to them about your search.  Seek advice and continue to network and talk about your search so you don’t overlook anything.