New Career Management

Job Well Done!  You have finally made it!  What do you do now?

Many students have difficulty adjusting to the new “work life” situation.  Life is different now and there is a new process to learn.  You need to accept the change and grow with it every day.  Here are a few tips to remember when you start your new career:

  1. Develop good listening skills.  Find out exactly what your responsibilities mean in depth.  You know the job description, and should know what the little details are.
  2. Meet with your manager often.  Ask how you are doing and what you can improve.
  3. Keep a high level of positive visibility with upper management.
  4. Get to know your team or your support; these are the people who will help you.
  5. Don’t gossip and don’t get caught up at the “water cooler,” this conversation will only get you in trouble, even if you are just a listener!
  6. Keep abreast of your skills.  Make sure you are keeping up on laws, regulations and policies.
  7. Don’t be afraid to volunteer or to join a professional group.  These are great places to get advice and to gain more knowledge about the industry you’ve chosen to join.
  8. Make positive changes gradually and give the rest of your team a chance to “buy into” the change.
  9. Many students are excited when they get that first paycheck, but watch out as not to get into debt too quickly. You just got out of school.
  10. Give talent back to your school.  After you are established at your new position, remember to bring back internships and full-time positions to the school to post for current students or future graduates.

Good Luck, and remember if you have any questions or need help, call the school and we’ll see if we can help you through situations!