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What is Biomedical Informatics? You tell us!

We are challenging high school students across the United States to explain what biomedical informatics is … and what it means to you, and your future. How will you use biomedical informatics to make a difference?

Students working with biomedical data visualization

2022 Winners

1st Place

  • Manya Suresh
  • Columbus North High School

2nd Place

  • Red Fish
  • Penn High School

3rd Place

  • DNAta
  • Bloomington South High School

Honorable Mention

  • Team Lukas
  • Penn High School

Honorable Mention

  • The Biomedical Informaticists Show
  • Columbus North High School

Honorable Mention

  • AncientStraits
  • Columbus North High School

About the challenge

Competition opens
September 12, 2022
Competition closes
October 21, 2022
Winners announced
October 26, 2022

The Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing and its Biomedical Informatics Club are excited to offer high school students across the United States the opportunity to win prizes, or a scholarship, by participating in SoIC's BMI Challenge.

The challenge
Answer the following prompt: What is Biomedical Informatics? How is Biomedical Informatics shaping the world around you?
Submit a video, graphic, flier, or creative writing. We're excited to see your submissions. Teams of one to three students may submit together. Prizes are awarded individually.

We're excited to see your real-world applications, addressing challenges in the field. Show us how you can explain biomedical informatics in a creative way. You can choose to create a video, a flyer, or a small write-up.

Prizes & Awards

1st Place

  • $1000 scholarship
  • $100

2nd Place

  • $750 scholarship
  • $75

3rd Place

  • $500 scholarship
  • $50

Honorable Mention

  • $25

All submissions will receive a gift from the IUPUI School of Informatics and Computing in the mail, regardless of placement.

Scholarships awarded to students admitted and enrolled in a School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI bachelor's degree program. Scholarships and prizes are per individual student on each team.

About the Biomedical Informatics program

The Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Informatics from the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI is first of its kind in the Midwest. This degree offers an amazing opportunity for highly motivated undergraduates to be involved in research and data related to human health.

Students select a biomedical informatics course of study, focusing on one of these specialties: