Five tips for managing the stress of uncertainty

October 7, 2020

This year has been…something, right? We’ve had a lot thrown at us that we’re all navigating and the list can be stressful and overwhelming to think about. For me, I move from feelings of gratitude and calm, then quickly to anxiety, anger, or sadness with the slightest trigger. Though we’re all impacted in different ways […]

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Best (free) Wi-Fi spots for online classes

September 15, 2020

Having a solid internet connection is vital for success if you are in any classes that have an online component. No one wants to freeze during a Zoom call or have issues submitting an assignment right before it is due. Check out the following places where you can kick back and live life in the […]

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Hacks for online learning

August 31, 2020

Whether you are new to online learning or an online learning expert, it is important to consider strategies for online learning. Here are some strategies for success: Be proactive Get to know your Canvas site and syllabus. The more you understand how your class is organized, the easier it will be for you to be […]

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