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Clinical Business Intelligence Research

Clinical business intelligence is the use of data analysis to improve care delivery. Clinical business intelligence (i.e., clinical analytics) refers to a broad category of information technologies that gather data created during the delivery of medical care and analyze that clinical data to help managers and clinicians make better decisions. Improving performance requires insight into “what works” and “what does not work,” as well as intelligent systems to ensure that the best care is delivered. Clinical business intelligence can provide insight and intelligence, making it an essential tool for health systems pursuing clinical transformation, interested in taking action to dramatically improve their performance in terms of cost, efficiency and quality.

Recent Publications

  • A pilot study examining a mobile application for self-monitoring diet and fluid intake, J. Welch, K. Astroth, S. Perkins, C. Johnson, K. Connelly, K. Siek, J. Jones, Research in Nursing & Health (RIHAH), (In press), 2013.
  • A  systematic review of reasons for non-adherence to tamoxifen and  aromatase inhibitors for the treatment of breast cancer, S. Sawesi, J. Carter, J. Jones, (In press) 2013, Cancer.
  • An efficient pancreatic cyst identification methodology using natural language processing, S. Mehrabi, M. Schmidt, J. Waters, C. Beesley, A. Krishnan, J. Kesterson, P. Dexter, M. Al-Hadad, B. Tierny, M. Palakal, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, Vol. 1192, MEDINFO 2013, Pages 822-826.