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Bioinformatics Master of Science FAQ

What should I do if I do not have a computing degree or background?

Students holding a bachelor’s degree in life sciences or a related field from an accredited four-year collegiate institution must have completed all or part of the prerequisites courses listed below:

  • Programming in C, C++, PHP, or Java: 3 credits (e.g. N210, N211)
  • Programming/Database: 3 credits (e.g. N510 Web-Database Concepts)
  • Statistics: 3 credits (e.g. SPEA K300 or PSY B305)

I don’t have a biology background. What should I do?

Students holding a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field from an accredited four-year collegiate institution must have completed all or part of the prerequisites courses listed below:

  • Genetics and Molecular Biology (K322)
  • Cell Biology (K324) or BIOL 507 Molecular Biology

What financial aid options are available to M.S. students?

As a master’s student, you have access to a wide range of financial assistance, including scholarships, paid assistantships, grants, loans and work-study to help reduce costs. We encourage you to investigate and pursue all options for which you are eligible.

What are the minimum GRE and TOEFL scores required for admission?

There is no minimum requirement for GRE scores. The GRE is not required unless you are seeking financial support from the School of Informatics and Computing. However, you improve your chances of getting some financial assistance, if your score on the quantitative section is at least 740 and above and your score for the analytical writing section is at least 4.0 and above.

The minimum TOEFL score required is 79.

IELTS (Cambridge International English Language Testing System) minimum score is 6.0.

More information on admission requirements can be found on the admissions page.

What are the application deadlines?

Information on application deadlines can be found on the admissions page.

Where do I apply?

Students can apply by following the instructions on the admissions page.

Is it possible for me to take courses without being admitted to the M.S. program?

Yes. You may take courses as a non-degree student and transfer the credits towards the M.S. at a later date.

Is it possible to obtain the M.S. without a thesis?

Yes. You may choose one of three tracks; course only, project track or thesis track. View the plan of study for more information.

Are there night courses available?

The majority of our courses are evening courses between 6 and 8:45 PM.

Is it required to choose an advisor?

No. You have the flexibility to choose advisor once in the program if you want to work on the project or thesis track.

Where can I get my registration, social security number and open a bank account?

International students should plan to attend the New International Student Orientation Program.

What are possible accommodation options available at IUPUI?

The Office of Housing and Residence Life at IUPUI works to create and support living communities that foster growth, education success, and cultural understanding.

They can tell you more about apartments and townhomes around campus that will meet most budget and lifestyle preferences. Many offer student discounts.

You can also check out the following apartments, which are all within walking distance of campus: