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Welcome SoIC Admitted Students

Welcome to the School of Informatics and Computing!

Dean Mathew Palakal

Mathew Palakal, Senior Executive Associate Dean

At SoIC, together we bring innovative ideas to life, we solve problems creatively, and we use technology to strengthen human connectivity. Every industry needs informatics skills. Employers seek out our graduates because they are prepared to make a difference immediately using the skills that can only be learned in the SoIC community.

Being an SoIC student is about being part of a culture—curiously following your passion while enriching your technology expertise to make the world a better place to live and work. Online and on campus, the connections you make with classmates, instructors and advisors will build the foundation of a future-proof set of skills that are in high demand. Together, we are SoIC.

Now offering in-person visits

We can help you to explore our many offerings in the constantly evolving realm of emerging technology. Visit us in-person by scheduling an In-Person School of Informatics and Computing Session with your campus tour or by emailing ugrdsoic@iupui.edu. We would love to see you in-person.

Tour SoIC Virtually

Just want to see SOIC and the IUPUI campus, but not necessarily meet with someone? Take a virtual tour to see videos and 360-degree images of our school and campus.

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Catch up on what you’ve missed

Get a good overview of everything SoIC. Browse the webinar archive below to learn from faculty, staff, and your fellow students at the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI.

Click the arrows at the top of the video to access SoIC webinars from 2020 exploring:

  • AI and bots
  • SoIC Study Abroad program
  • How to create aliens
  • Unreal gaming
  • Applied data and information science
  • Trends in 3D animation
  • SoIC Student Ambassadors
  • Internships and careers
  • Undergrad research opportunities
  • Game design
  • Biomedical informatics career opportunities

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We’ve set-up a GroupMe where you can get to know your fellow admitted students and ask any questions that you have.

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Meet an admitted student

John Gaynor

John GaynorMajor: Applied Data and Information Science

High School: Penn High School in Mishawaka, IN

Career goal: I’m not totally sure what I want to do or where I want to go. However, I do know that I want to (for lack of better words) do things faster and more efficiently on a large scale.

Starting college: What are you excited about and what are you nervous about?

I am very excited to be living on my own and controlling my own schedule. This will allow me complete freedom with when I go to the gym, meal planning, studying, and so forth. I also look forward to taking classes that are more relevant to a possible career path.

More about John: I am a competitive Rubik’s Cube solver and have competed across the United States. I was the 2019 national champion for the Pyraminx puzzle (the one shaped like a triangle) and currently hold the North American record for a single Pyraminx solve. I’m also a novice powerlifter with an interest in investing and videography.