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Student Volunteer at Siggraph Conference

Cade Jacobs, Media Arts and Science student, shares his experience as a student volunteer at the 2015 Siggraph Conference.

The ACM SIGGRAPH IUPUI Student Chapter’s goal is to create a campus-wide collaborative organization for students to promote computer graphics, interactive techniques, and creativity. Member benefits include access to job and internship opportunities, guest lecturers, workshops, competitions, potential collaborators, and the annual SIGGRAPH national conference. Find us on Facebook.

Anime Club

The Anime Club is a recent addition to the Informatics student group lineup. This group is all anime all the time and promotes all aspects of this artistic genre. The members regularly meet in the IT building from noon to midnight. Here they watch anime movies and TV shows, as well as discuss manga and various sub-categories of this genre. Their numbers have been steadily growing, and they are active at Anime Crossroads and GenCon. They are going to be hosting many more events in 2018 and plan to partner with the other student groups.

The Anime Club is guided by Courtney Pollard, Montez Harris, and Ruendy Carrillo Gámez, all of whom regularly attend anime conventions to promote their group and their love of the art.

Concept Art Society (CAS)

Concept Art Society is a group for artistically creative individuals looking to improve and share their 2-D and 3-D (digital or traditional) skills and creations. CAS wants you to improve your skills, so come to us and tell us what you want to learn. We will look into it and try to come up with an activity for you and the members to dive into. We have plenty of projects and activities to work with. The goal is to make you creative, to create, to inspire, but most of all, to have fun!

From time to time CAS will have guest speakers from the industry come in and chat about their line of work. They will talk about how they got where they are, what their industry is like, and what the industry wants or is looking for.

CAS meets in the Informatics and Computing Building every Friday from 3–6 p.m. in room 255. Contact Mitchell Landis at with any questions.

*Note: CAS does not teach you how to draw, but we do seek to help improve your skills and work in a friendly environment.

Cosplay Club

The Cosplay Club seeks to encourage the discussion, construction, and display of costumes on the IUPUI campus. Student members can expect to work alongside a vigorous community of all interests and skill levels from those who prefer to buy or improvise their costumes, to complete novices, to great masters in the art of sewing and prop construction. The Cosplay club gives opportunities for students to work on their own projects or join us in collaborative costumes for various on-campus events. The Cosplay Club meets every Friday in the IT Building Room 355.

For more information, feel free to contact club president Sara Smith ( or vice president Logan Heathman ( You can also check us out on Facebook.


eSports is dedicated to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for students interested in e-sports. We meet Fridays 12 p.m.–12 a.m. in IT 257. Be sure to join us for friends, swag, fun, games, and sometimes, food! We currently have competitive teams for Hearthstone, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, and Smash Brothers. If you are passionate about a game and want to start a team, please let us know.

Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft II, Overwatch, League of Legends, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, and Rocket League are installed.

Contact Noah Pumphrey at with any questions.

Game Developers’ Group at IUPUI

The Game Developers’ Group at IUPUI is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to build their portfolios outside of the classroom and connect with industry professionals. Past activities have involved 3-D asset creation, rapid prototyping of game mechanics, and the development of small games for submission to conferences such as IndieCade. Special events include guest speakers and a game jam each semester. Members also have an opportunity to attend the annual Game Developers Conference.

For more information, feel free to contact club president Samantha Timmermann ( or vice president Kevin Jethrow ( You can also check us out on Facebook.

Gamers’ Hall of IUPUI

IUPUI Gamers Guild members watch video game on large displayFounded more than eight years ago, the Gamers’ Hall (formerly Gamers’ Guild) is the longest-running student group in Informatics’ history. It draws 30-50 gamers every Friday during the school year when it meets in IT167 from noon until midnight. The group has well over 150 members and meets during summer as well. The guild’s motto—“If you bring it, we will play it!”—draws gamers who play everything from board to card to video games. The group has sponsored a tournament for the entire school almost every semester and even held a tournament to support Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. Additionally, they have absorbed the campus Magic the Gathering club as well as the LARPing society, which puts on annual workshops to help new students make their own weapons.

The Gamers’ Hall is run by President Jon Rick and Vice President Cassie Hopper. They have both strived to increase the reach of the guild while at the same time improving its internal workings for all members. Brendon Steele operates the Magic the Gathering group, while Will “Zigler” Robertson manages the LARPing side of the group. Please feel free to bring in any video game console, board game, or card game you desire to any meeting.

Health Information Administration (HIA) Connection

HIA Connection serves those students with an interest in health information administration by providing opportunities and resources for community service, academic planning, education, and networking. For more information, contact the HIA Connection president, Kristen McFarland, at

Informatics and Computing Student Council (ICSC)

Team members celebrate after 2012 IUPUI RegattaInformatics and Computing Student Council is the governing organization for student clubs and activities within the School of Informatics and Computing. It is comprised entirely of students from across all School of Informatics and Computing programs who work with the school’s faculty and staff to plan activities, build community, and speak with students about their experiences. Download the Funding Proposal form. For more information, visit the ICSC website.


Jagcast is a free, student-led podcast at IUPUI. Our main focus is to provide free entertainment and information for all those listening, available at anyJagcast logo time. In addition, Jagcast is meant to serve as an outlet for people of all backgrounds to express themselves creatively and share themselves with others in an easily accessible format.

Jagcast helps connect students with other students as well as the local community. Our episodes include digital storytelling, interviewing, and topic discussions of relevant happenings around campus and Indianapolis. Jagcast does not focus on a central theme of topics, but rather rotates between a variety of pieces in order to include all students.

Contact Elizabeth Atchley, president, at with any questions.

MacGuffin Media

MacGuffin Media (MacMedia) is an IUPUI student organization dedicated to providing any and all students with the opportunity to become involved in the various aspects of media, including (but not limited to) film production, audio, 3-D, scriptwriting, etc. The purpose of MacGuffin Media at IUPUI is to provide IUPUI students with opportunities to learn and develop their media skills in a team oriented environment. We will also have opportunities for learning workshops and movie screenings/discussions.

We are seeking students who are interested in learning more about film production (filming, editing, lighting, set-up, etc.) and students who have talents that can be applied toward such productions, including those with skills in 3-D, digital effects, and audio, etc.

Anyone is welcome to attend! Contact Nich Frost at for more information.

SOIC Community Service Club

We are a community-service-based student group in the School of Informatics and Computing. For more information about our meeting times and events, please contact Josh Patterson, president, at

SOIC International Club

SOIC International is an interest group that was created to provide an extra support system for everyone, especially our international students. We are currently seeking interested students to join and build our group. Future activities may include field trips, cultural restaurant hopping, and academic support events like career information for international students, as well as any events that showcase the recognition of our members.

To learn more about the group, contact and like our Facebook page.

STARS Computing Corps

STARS (Students and Technology in Academia, Research, and Service) Computing Corps is a national community of regional partnerships with a mission  to grow a  diverse, 21st century technology workforce.

Membership in STARS is by invitation. Students are asked to enroll in a service learning course, and commit to a number of engagements with K-12 students over the course of a semester. These activities might include meeting with prospective SoIC students, running technology workshops for youth groups, or serving as a near-peer mentors in the Informatics Diversity Enhanced Workforce program.

To learn more, contact Vicki Daugherty at

Web Design and Development Association (WDDA)

The purpose of the Web Design and Development Association (WDDA) at IUPUI is to provide an accommodating and supportive environment for beginner, intermediate, and proficient web designers and developers, programmers, and application developers to create and grow together as professionals. The WDDA plans to meet once a week in order to explore new technology in the field of web development and to urge others to share their work—allowing for critique, inspiration, and connections to be made. Please contact Brian Brown at with any questions.

Women in Technology (WiT)

Women in Technology (WiT) is dedicated to improving the community by empowering women from all disciplines to utilize technology to make a difference. It seeks to empower and support its community of diverse women by developing their skills and broadening their knowledge of technology through professional development, networking, community outreach, and interdisciplinary research. We strive to provide a network of support and promote an exchange of ideas among women from all fields that encourage the use of technology, and knowledge of its benefits. Visit WiT on the web at and join us on Facebook.