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Student Spotlight with Ryan Sukale

Program: Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction
From: India

Internship at Yahoo – Creating with a Purpose

Ryan’s passion and interest in how we as people communicate and interact with computers and all forms of technology has always been something that has intrigued him.  However, what began by just asking a series of inquisitive questions about the functionality of pieces of software would lead Ryan to enroll in the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Master’s Program at the School of Informatics and Computing which helped him secure an internship with the tech giant Yahoo this summer.

After graduating with his undergrad in Information Technology, Ryan worked as a software developer for several years.  Soon Ryan began noticing deficiencies in the software’s design and he began asking, “Why is this interface designed to work like this?  It would work much better if it was done in this way.” One thing led to another and a friend suggested Ryan to enroll in an HCI program.  Ryan began searching the internet and found that the HCI program in the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI was just what he was looking for.

Right from the start of his first introductory courses in the HCI program, Ryan knew he had made the right decision.  As Ryan puts it, “I have so much respect for the professors. They brought a knowledge and depth of insight and understanding that I had not even considered previously.”

That information and experience gained during those first classes in the HCI program helped Ryan obtain an internship with Yahoo for 14 weeks this summer, where he worked as a technical intern and did so in a variety of aspects. (Much of it confidential, as his work was with future product releases and information cannot be shared until the official release dates.) His education from the HCI program came in handy on the job when he had to effectively and efficiently solve unforeseen problems in a timely manner.  “Being in the real world, using the knowledge and skills I have obtained through my education was very rewarding, and helped to reinforce that what I am learning here at the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI is preparing me for my future.”

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction, Ryan plans to start his own tech start-up.

Ryan believes Human-Computer Interaction is such an important field for several vital reasons.  First, he says that computer science is a terrific creative outlet. Also, Ryan says “Human-Computer Interaction should be studied by everyone, even if it’s not your major.  HCI teaches effective problem solving methods, it’s very broad, and what you learn in this course can be applied in many different fields. Informatics is about looking at and observing trends and then designing and creating with a purpose in mind.  Informatics is about creating the right stuff in the right way”.