Specialty Labs


Do you want to take gaming to another dimension? Animate, program and design the never-before-seen?  Welcome to the Media Arts Research and Learning Arcade at the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI.

Nestled in a space on the fourth floor of the ICTC building, this creative learning community gives birth to imaginary creatures, medical simulations, games, 3D models and worlds, animation, cutting-edge VR development and more. MARLA offers access to industry-standard technology and platforms including Cintiq creative pen displays;  high-end game engines such as Unreal4 and Unity; and 3D modeling software including Maya, ZBrush, and UVLayout.

MARLA provides students access to a professional-level game studio and gallery. Under the mentorship of faculty and industry pros, you can design, build, and test your own games and simulations among peers.

Explore the use of emerging technologies in entertainment and other realms, including education, health care, and energy conservation. Simulations, 3D scientific images, and serious gaming are among the possibilities in this gallery-style environment. Students have the opportunity to work alongside faculty and industry pros as they craft creations and simulations.

MARLA Mobile

Our secondary facility, MARLA Mobile, emphasizes and has the equipment for the development of applications and games for mobile platforms.  Specialized and experimental software and hardware allow students to develop and test within the mobile environment.

Students use MARLA and MARLA Mobile for:

  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Advanced imaging
  • Digital visualizations
  • Stereoscopic projects
  • Serious and entertainment-focused games
  • Virtual reality
  • Human-computer interaction

Video Editing Lab (VELa)

Make the leap from concept to completed project and seize the opportunity to see how far you can go with the right post-production technology. Providing 4K UHD support, our video editing lab provides MAS students with the tools to create professional-quality projects using industry-standard video editing software and equipment.

VELa allows you to develop your post-production skills and finish your projects like a pro with DaVinci Resolve, a Tangent Controller, a Flanders Scientific color-grading monitor, and a brilliant 4K LG display for screening your final cut.

Equipment to realize your vision

  • Millumin

    With our new “Beyond the Frame” class we’ve introduced a third dimension to our visual effects library. Millumin is the cutting-edge software for 3D projection mapping. Students can use it to create audiovisual shows for theater, video mapping and interactive installations.

  • Mac Pro

    Our Mac Pro stations, with hi-res cinema display and six processing cores, offer the speed that videographers need. Specialized coloring hardware, including an industry-standard 10-bit color monitor, also is available.

  • Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve

    The latest version of this professional-quality editing software, designed for film and TV post-production, is ideal for high-performance editing and color work.

  • Tangent Element control panels

    Precise control for color correcting work.

  • Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Lightroom, and Photoshop software

    These are the industry-standard programs for creating mesmerizing special effects, motion and vector graphics, as well as imaging, design, and photo editing.

Green screen room

Walk with a dinosaur. Explore Martian landscapes. Take a tour of the human brain.

Our Green Screen studio lets you take your audience places … amazing places.

The Green Screen studio provides a venue for students to enhance any production with special effects. The lab includes a full chroma key wall, a controllable lighting grid and motion capture technology. Students may use the space to explore techniques in visual effects to aid in storytelling.

This open space lends itself to full exploration of virtual reality using the installed HTC Vive virtual reality system, and Microsoft Kinect for motion capture.

Audio Production Lab

Whether you’re producing a documentary, educational podcast, or public-service announcement, our audio facilities allow you to create a finished product with professional-quality sound.

The Audio Production Studio provides a space for students to record and produce elements for any project involving sound. The lab includes recording tools, sound isolation booth, 7.1 surround sound, and Avid Pro Tools production software.

Use the space to work on sound composition, voice-overs, mastering, and more. Students learn complex sound design in digital media, and gain an understanding of digital signal processing and sound effects techniques in designing audio for new media applications.

I-Learn Center

The Informatics–Learn, Engage, Apply, Reflect, Network Center is a collaborative area providing undergraduate informatics students with a venue for learning, and a place to engage with faculty members and community partners. The center is equipped with a flexible work space and a flat-screen TV, making it a great place for group projects and presentation reviews, as well as individual meetings. The I–Learn Center is located on the fifth floor of the ICTC building Room 592.

Advanced Visualization Lab

This evolving, experimental space is where you can take the concepts of space and visualization in new directions and dimensions. A university and communitywide resource housed on the fourth floor of the Informatics and Communications Technology Complex, the Advanced Visualization Lab is a powerful work zone that SOIC students and faculty can utilize for projects involving:

  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Ultra-resolution displays
  • Interactive and stereoscopic media
  • Digitization of real-world 3D objects or spaces

The AVL is a unit of the Research Technologies division of UITS and is affiliated with IU’s Pervasive Technology Institute.

Learn more about the AVL

Indiana IoT Lab ­— Fishers

Indiana University is among the sponsors of this new space where students and those working in industry can explore and innovate.

In this lab, authorized SOIC students can conceptualize Internet of Things technology in the ideation center, which includes 3D printers and touch-screen IQ-Walls … then turn those ideas into prototypes, in a workshop area complete with table saws.

The Indiana IoT Lab, which opened in 2018, offers unique opportunities for IUPUI students: a shared space where collaboration and brainstorming can occur, and the equipment to turn ideas into something more.

Learn more about the IoT Lab