Focused on the future … centered on inclusion

The IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI believes that fostering an inclusive, tech-focused environment makes us stronger.  We’re committed not only to welcoming, but actively recruiting and retaining people from all backgrounds and cultures to join the next generation of innovators.

At IUPUI, more than one in four newly-admitted students identify as coming from a diverse background.

We want to broaden participation in computing to meet the technology demands of tomorrow. SOIC is dedicated to drawing on the strengths of a diverse community of students and faculty to achieve this goal.

Diversity—a thought, not an afterthought;

an action, not a reaction.
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Join us on the journey

No one does you like … you.

Bringing your true, authentic self to class—and to the workplace—lets you draw upon your unique talents and strengths, to design a product or solve a problem.

SOIC is working to attract a student body that reflects the global nature of technology today. Our commitment to diversity starts before a student enrolls, through support of programs that expand opportunities for high school students:

  • Black Data Processing Associates

    SOIC hosts weekly meetings of the Indianapolis BDPA high school program. A national organization, BDPA helps enable the upward mobility of African Americans and other minorities in the IT and STEM fields, and consists of professionals working in or having interest in the fields of computer science and information technology. BDPA Indianapolis STEM programs offer training classes, seminars, and hands-on activities on technology topics to BDPA members, elementary, high school, and college students in the community.

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    The DEI Working Group is committed to having an inclusive environment at SoIC, and is dedicated to identifying situations where diversity, equity, and inclusion are not being met in order to create a more inclusive and accepting school.

  • Girl Scouts of Central Indiana and Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis

    We provide regular outreach via Girl Scouts and Girls Inc. through workshops and special programs.

  • Informatics Diversity-Enhanced Workforce program (iDEW)

    Through community partnerships iDEW attracts high schoolers to informatics with innovative programs, providing a successful and diverse workforce that can power the digital economy. At their schools, hundreds of Indiana students have taken iDEW classes, which follow a project-based curriculum designed by IUPUI faculty. This nationally recognized STEM program for high school students, created in 2015 by the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI, focuses on opportunities for women and underrepresented minority students.

  • La Plaza

    SOIC offers summer workshops for middle and high school students participating in the Leadership Institute for Latino Youth (LILY) program through La Plaza, a Central Indiana Latino organization.

  • Mapping Education Towards Achievement

    We participate annually in the META program for Latino high school students visiting the IUPUI campus.

Making education accessible

SOIC wants every student to succeed. We offer:

Online classes

The School of Informatics and Computing provides many courses for degrees, certificates and specializations online. Students can complete selected programs entirely online, including:

Fast-track programs

IUPUI students can earn many of our degrees as part of the 5-Year Accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program. Combine a bachelor’s in informaticsmedia arts and science, biomedical informatics, or health information management with a master’s degree in a field such as bioinformaticshealth informatics, jurisprudence or human-computer interaction.

Accelerated programs are time and cost efficient—allowing you to complete two degrees in five years—with increased career opportunities and earning potential.

“We want to foster a climate of inclusion and diversity, and to broaden the pipeline so there are more people coming to this technology space.”

Vicki Daugherty, Program Manager and Diversity Coordinator, SOIC


The School of Informatics and Computing offers scholarships including the Aspirations in Computing Freshman Scholarship for incoming female students, and the Inclusive Informatics Scholarship for incoming freshman students who will contribute to a diverse learning environment in SOIC.

IUPUI diversity scholarships

The IUPUI campus offers the following scholarships:

  • Nina Mason Pulliam Scholars Program
  • Norman Brown Diversity & Leadership Program
  • The Olaniyan Scholars Program
  • Diversity Scholars Research Program
  • Sindoqua Scholarship for Native American Women

Opportunities to engage

IUPUI and SOIC offer students many opportunities to get involved.


These student groups are affiliated with the School of Informatics and Computing:


Dedicated to promoting student development and support through diversity education and multicultural awareness, the Multicultural Center at IUPUI is an important resource for students.
The university also is home to many student organizations, including:

National and local diversity conferences

SOIC students at Grace Hopper

SOIC offers competitive scholarships for current students to attend national diversity conferences such as:

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computingthe world’s largest gathering of women technologists, working to foster change and to recognize the women who are transforming technology today.

Indiana Women in Computing, which presents talks on cutting-edge technical and social issues relevant to woman in computing, as well as networking opportunities.

Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, which brings together students, faculty, researchers and professionals in computing from all backgrounds and ethnicities to celebrate the diversity that exists in computing and create community with others from common backgrounds.

Cultural dinners

SOIC supports the following cultural dinners sponsored by IUPUI student organizations:

Contact us

Vicki Daugherty
Diversity Coordinator