Health Information AdministrationDepartment of BioHealth Informatics

Serve as a bridge between clinical, operational, and administrative functions within the healthcare industry and directly affect the quality of patient care!

Widespread adoption of new technologies is fueling a critical need for specialized Health Information Administration (HIA) professionals able to manage electronic health records, analyze health information and ensure the privacy and security of patient data.

The HIA program will uniquely qualify you to take advantage of these opportunities as a health information leader, including professional experience in healthcare settings built right into the curriculum and the ability to sit for a national credentialing exam upon graduation.

Learn how Health Information Administration prepares students for a fast-growing, rewarding career.

Reasons to Discover HIA

  1. Tradition with a Focus on the Future
    With 60 years behind it, HIA is one of IUPUI’s most established and proven degrees. Embracing the technology trends of today, students may complete the entire professional program within an online environment.
  2. Job Growth
    The U.S. Department of Labor expects health information jobs to grow by 20%—at least!
  3. Professional Practice
    Expand your skills by participating in voluntary internships and credit bearing professional practice opportunities available within many of our healthcare community partnerships.
  4. Networking
    Build contacts and job leads from more than 600 alumni who are now leaders in the field. Be actively involved in professional organizations at the local, state, and national levels.
  5. Impact
    Work with clinicians and other healthcare providers towards better patient outcomes and improve the quality of healthcare delivery across the continuum of care.