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Tuition & Fees

Supporting successful students is important at the School of Informatics and Computing. The School of Informatics and Computing and the IUPUI campus offer a number of scholarships. Additionally, we encourage students to consider other options for paying for college, including applying for state and federal financial aid. Here are some resources to help you understand the cost of college, as well as the different means to cover those costs.

IUPUI’s Net Price Calculator
The net price calculator is a tool for students and parents to use that will ask you for information about your family’s income, high school grades, and standardized test scores. Upon answering these questions, you will be provided an estimate of what your net price for college will be, including possible scholarships and financial aid.

IUPUI Fee Estimator
The fee estimator is a tool that will provide you with a flat estimate of the cost of tuition and fees for different majors at IUPUI, but unlike the net price calculator, does not provide you information regarding your potential financial aid and scholarships.

The Office of Student Financial Services
IUPUI’s Office of Student Financial Services provides current and admitted students with information pertaining to state and federal aid.

The Office of Student Scholarships
The website for the Office of Student Scholarships is an online resource for scholarship applications and information on IUPUI scholarships, including departmental, school-based scholarships, as well as the general campus-wide scholarships.

Don’t forget to check out financial aid and scholarship opportunities offered by the School of Informatics and Computing that could help make your college experience even more affordable.