Accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Program

A fast track to future success.

Earn both a bachelor’s and master’s in five years and get an accelerated start to your future career. Informatics and computing professionals are in constant demand within an ever-evolving and growing field. As a result, employers are seeking graduates with the highest qualifications and skill sets to emerge as tomorrow’s technology leaders.

These forward-thinking programs combine our very best degree offerings in an accelerated format designed to prepare highly-skilled, marketable and successful graduates. Alumni of our BS+MS programs will be well-equipped not only for success in the computing and information technology fields, but also the healthcare, science, business, interactive media, and design industries, among others.

*Bachelor and master degrees are conferred independently.

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Informatics & Computing Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management (HIM)

Earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management plus the following Master’s degree.

Bachelor of Science in Informatics

Earn a Bachelor of Science in Informatics plus a choice of one of the following Master’s degrees.

Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Science

Earn a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Science plus one of these Master’s degrees.

Other Undergraduate Options

Obtain your Bachelor of Science degree from the school of your choice, providing you with a strong foundation and an opportunity to explore the academic and career path you are passionate about.

Master of Science in Bioinformatics

Master of Science in Health Informatics

Sports Analytics Master of Science

Getting Started

To pursue an accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, you must first apply and be accepted to IUPUI as an undergraduate student. You’ll then want to schedule time with one of our undergraduate advisors to review your plan of study. Students will apply for the Master’s program during the third year of study.

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