Faculty & Research

Indiana Center for Systems Biology and Personalized Medicine

Today’s research to tomorrow’s treatments

By bringing a variety of scientists together, the Indiana Center for Systems Biology and Personalized Medicine works to bring new discoveries in biology to clinical applications. As scientists collaborate to enhance research in the genetic and cellular function of biological systems, the center connects these researchers with clinicians and surgeons treating diseases such as breast and lung cancer. These collaborations speed the translation of the latest advances in understanding disease biology into cost-effective, personalized diagnoses and treatment of patients.

The center’s mission is to foster “systems biology” approaches to addressing translational biomedical research problems. Systems biology is one of the main technologies developed to bridge the gap between information acquired in the post-genome era and new products for tailored clinical care – personalized medicine. Translational systems biology has the potential to yield significant external funding and, most importantly, can contribute to rewarding new discoveries in medical treatment.

The center helps today’s biomedical researchers: