Faculty & Research

Centers & Institutes

The IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI sponsors two research centers.

Android Science Center

Scientists build and test more functional and realistic androids and explore human-android interactions at IU’s Android Science Center – the first laboratory of its kind in the U.S. People respond to androids in much the same way as they do to each other. The center’s researchers use androids to explore human cognition and learning, and identify areas where androids may be used to enhance the quality of human life.

Indiana Center for Systems Biology & Personalized Medicine

This center aims to bring new discoveries in biology to clinical applications. Scientists collaborate to enhance research in the genetic and cellular function of biological systems. The center connects these researchers with clinicians and surgeons treating diseases such as breast and lung cancer, in order to speed the translation of the latest advances in understanding disease biology into cost-effective, personalized diagnoses and treatment of patients.