James Lyst, M.S.

James Lyst
  • Lecturer, Human-Computer Interaction


jlystiupui [dot] edu
WK 312


  • M.S. Human-Computer Interaction, Indiana University, Indianapolis
  • B.S. Applied Optics, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology


Lyst began his career in research and development as an optical engineer, and through the years he has designed patented solutions in several fields, including biomedical devices, automotive lighting, and projection displays. To support his early engineering work, he developed skills in programming, web development, instruction and visualizations. Gradually the human element of science and technology began to take center stage in his work.

Research Interests

Completing his¬†M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction¬†provided the background and framework to pursue for Lyst to pursue his passions in emerging technologies. His primary interests are in contributing to the ‘maker’ culture through broadly available technologies, providing insights and explanations of complex concepts through visualizations and novel interactions, and supporting the understanding of the social and psychological implications of technological design.

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