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Master of Library Science Online Degree

The Master of Library Science program, accredited by the American Library Association (ALA-MLS) is the entry degree for a professional librarian, universally required for professionals in academic libraries; essential for leadership in public libraries; provides valuable information and management skills for people who advance information connections in a variety of organizations, public, private, and non-profit.

Graduates of this program work as professionals in departments or organizations that manage information:

  • Information connections (instruction/reference):  assisting people with their information needs, such as helping small businesses with business plan data; individuals looking for health information, and students working on academic assignments.
  • Information resources (collection management):  purchasing, organizing, and managing books, e-books, databases, and all other information formats; digitizing/delivering unique materials to a wider audience.
  • Information systems (technical services):  analyzing, designing and implementing systems to store and retrieve information.
  • Information technology:  Understanding, using, and managing websites, social media, and other methods to connect users to information.

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Research Opportunities

Students in our program have the chance to learn and work alongside faculty in exciting research areas such as:

  • Community Memory
  • Digital Heritage
  • Open Access/Scholarly Communication
  • Graphics in Information
  • Library Management
  • Program Evaluation
  • Equitable Information Access
  • Information Technology in Education
  • Children’s and Young Adult programs and resources
  • Electronic Information Resource Management

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Degree Options

There are many ways for you to earn your Master of Library Science degree. You can add a specialization or combine your M.L.S. degree with a graduate degree from another field of study to expand your career options.

All courses offered through the Department of Library and Information Science may be completed online.

Plans of Study

Dual Degree Plans of Study

The programs described below are those where both programs have agreed to share some courses and reduce the total number of credits below what would be required to do both degrees independently.