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Master of Science in Media Arts and Science

The M.S. in Media Arts and Science is a 30-credit-hour professional program emphasizing an applied, project-based approach to the latest in digital media production. The program can be customized with study in other fields, including media production, design thinking and usability analysis, psychology, communication theory, information management, and computing. We strive to produce dynamic websites, smartphone apps, interactive education, serious, and entertaining games and simulations, 3-D motion graphics, digital illustrations and animations, audio and video. Projects will be based on your specific area(s) of interest to build a valuable portfolio and advance your career.

The program easily accommodates working professionals with many evening courses and a flexible timetable for degree completion for the part-time student. Full-time students can complete the program in two years.

Media Arts & Science faculty and students collaborate with the School of Medicine to create AMPATH health education videos.

Media Arts Careers

Our graduates design and develop projects that focus on entertainment, serious game design, mobile applications, video and audio production, animation, innovative web design and technologies.

Media Arts and Science graduates work for many big name companies such as Pixar, Cantina Creative, ChaCha, Blizzard Entertainment, ExactTarget, Pacers Sports & Media, Wiley and Sons (Publishers of Dummies books), Tour Design (Livenation), Emmis Publications, USA Gymnastics, Capital Records, BET – Black Entertainment Television and Girls, Inc. Positions at these companies range from UX designers, to 3D modelers to project managers and design leads. 

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30 credit hours.

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Spring Admission

Year 2 Spring Semester

Year 2 Fall Semester

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