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Graduate Certificate in Human-Computer Interaction

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) uses research and principles from design, psychology, business, engineering and computing, you’ll create technology that not only solves problems, but also is intuitive, functional and enjoyable to use.

Human-Computer Interaction provides the answers to how Apple made the iPhone so unique, or how Amazon’s Kindle changed the way we read, or why your favorite websites are so easy to use when so many others make you want to scream.

Stuart Ough is a Human-Computer Interaction alumni and adjunct lecturer

The Graduate Certificate in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) program is a 15-credit-hour program focusing on the core theory and best practices of the discipline. All courses may be taken on-campus or via distance education.

The HCI Gradate Certificate program offers financial aid to qualified domestic applicants who are considered non-residents (for tuition purposes) of the state of Indiana. This financial aid would reduce the tuition portion of their bursar fees (the cost per credit hour) to the equivalent of the Indiana resident rate. Learn more

Careers in HCI

Employers from around the country are seeking highly qualified junior and senior candidates with advanced degrees in HCI. The field is at an all-time high, and opportunities for HCI graduates are increasing daily.

Since the beginning of the HCI program our graduates have received offers for internships and full time jobs in a variety of HCI, UX and informatics roles at a broad range of companies, including:

Get in touch with our Career Services staff to explore HCI internship opportunities and prepare your portfolio to land your dream job in HCI. See our selected HCI job banks to view the many HCI job opportunities currently available.

Getting Started

Successful applicants to our graduate certificate program must have a strong background in computing and information technology. You should be able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required of the undergraduate Informatics degree.

Promising applicants lacking competencies necessary for admission may be allowed to take courses that will satisfy those requirements, as determined by School of Informatics and Computing faculty. Those courses, however, would not count towards degree or certificate completion.


Successful applicants will have a foundation of core knowledge and skills (from either past education or work experience) in one or more of the following proficiency areas:

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Degree Requirements

All certificate requirements must be completed within three years and with a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 (B). Courses with a grade below a B- will not count.

Required Core (12 cr.)

Course Fall Spring Online
INFO H541 Interaction Design Practice (3 cr.) Yes No Yes
INFO H563 Psychology of HCI (3 cr.) Yes No Yes
INFO H543 Interaction Design Methods (3 cr.) Yes No Yes
INFO H561 Meaning and Form in HCI (3 cr.) No Yes Yes

Specialization Requirements (3 cr.)

Select one course.

Course Fall Spring Online
INFO H564 Prototyping for Interactive Systems (3 cr.) No Yes Yes
INFO H566 Experience Design for Ubiquitous Computing (3 cr.) No Yes No
INFO H565 Collaborative and Social Computing (3 cr.) No Yes No

Note: The semester a course is offered can change. The student is responsible for checking the Registrar for confirmation.

Note: Applicants who have already earned credit for one or more equivalent courses from other institutions and programs may request to apply/transfer up to three credits toward this certificate, subject to approval. No undergraduate courses can be applied to certificate requirements.