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Whether you’re an alumnus, a parent, a technology leader, or someone who cares about Indiana’s economic development, the School of Informatics and Computing offers many reasons to get excited.

One of the fastest-growing programs at Indiana University, the School is becoming a powerful force for information technology education, research, and economic development. Our faculty and students continue to contribute groundbreaking research to such fields as cyber-infrastructure, social networks, bioinformatics, and human-computer interaction. Our graduates are in very high demand by top employers, and with well over half of them remaining in state, the School supplies critical fuel to Indiana’s economic engine.

We stand at a defining moment in our history – when the economic growth and prosperity of Indiana and the United States depend upon an ability to conceive, formulate, and manage new technologies. As a leading producer of IT research, expertise, and human capital, the continued health and expansion of the School of Informatics and Computing is essential to our future.

To drive economic development and educate tomorrow’s technology leaders, we rely on the generous support of our alumni, parents, and friends. Every gift is important, genuinely appreciated, and a sound investment in our future.

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This site will help you to explore ways in which you can have a meaningful impact on the future of the School. Your leadership, talent, commitment, and generosity are critical to our success.

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