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Computing and information technology careers are in demand like never before.

Our grads are getting jobs at big name companies across the U.S.

The world needs talented people able to develop IT solutions for industries as diverse as business, healthcare, science, art and entertainment – talented people like you.

Employers recognize that a School of Informatics and Computing education provides more than just technical computing skills. You’ll benefit from a unique combination of computing, social science, communication and problem solving expertise that gives you a distinct and marketable advantage no matter what career you pursue.

And we’re here to help. Our Career Services Office will fine tune your resume, help you build an impressive portfolio, prepare you for interviews and bring you the best opportunities for internships and employment through our strong industry relationships.

It’s never too early or too late to explore your options. Contact us today.

Hiring and Salaries

Over 350 companies have hired Informatics and Computing students

85% of our students graduate with a full-time job

$53,000 is the average starting salary for Informatics and Computing students

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