Paros- it feels like home

When I started putting this program together a few years ago, my fears were that there would not be enough interest by the community or students. I pondered whether it was worth my time to pursue this mighty task of bringing students to a place so far from home and if the residents of Paros […]

And Suddenly the End is Imminent

It always amazes me how the end of our trip suddenly sneaks up on us. One minute we are settling into island life, planning our productions and getting things underway, and the next minute it is suddenly time to screen our films publicly and then pack up for departure. I am happy to report that […]

Crunch Time!

WORK – WORK – WORK – WORK – WORK Who has time for a blog today? It’s CRUNCH time!   Keep up the good work – let’s finish strong!

Paros in 2017!

My week and a half in Paros has been awesome. Though I’ve come three times before, this summer’s adventure has been even more amazing. Our trip to Despotiko on Monday was especially good, seeing as I didn’t get sunburned. I took pictures of the goats (for my friend who’s obsessed with them) and looked around […]

An Amazing Summer

The experience between my first trip to Paros and this trip has been significantly different. Many of those differences are due to my shifting roles from that of a student to an SLA (Service Learning Assistant). The responsibilities, expectations, and how I am viewed – both by professors and students – is altered. I realized […]

Building Friendships Across the World

  Now that we are entering the final week of this trip, I took a moment yesterday during dinner to reflect on all that I had experienced so far. This study abroad trip will always be a burning memory in my mind, not only because of the beautiful views and gorgeous weather but because of […]

How Did I Get Here?

There are so many things to talk about; I’m really not sure where to begin. I applied for this trip several months ago, not really expecting much of it, but remaining hopeful. The main idea was to expand my horizons and try to step out of my bubble of familiarity, which I think it’s safe […]

The Paros Effect

My experience on Paros has been better than I had expected it to be, even after having such elevated expectations from the discussions I had with Albert and Thomas before the trip. I have friendly interactions with strangers back home, but not as frequently as on Paros. I feel like I have been friends with […]

Expand Your Horizons

After almost two weeks of classes here on the island of Paros, I can only imagine what it would have been like not to take on such an incredible journey. I picture myself sitting at home reading or out in my hometown searching for a summer job. How oblivious I would have been to such […]

A Study Abroad, A Study of Life

Fun Around the World As we took a weekend away from our studies and school projects, I sought to explore how people enjoy their time off on the other side of the world. So on a quiet Friday night, we embarked on a mission to find a place to play pool and relax. After a […]