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Bioinformatics Ph.D. Minor

The purpose of the Ph.D. Minor in Bioinformatics is to lay a foundation in bioinformatics knowledge, methods, and techniques to solve practical biological problems for current Ph.D. students from other disciplines at IUPUI. This minor will assist graduate students with a background in biology, computer science, or another basic science to gain additional interdisciplinary training that is useful for research in their own discipline.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the Ph.D. minor in Bioinformatics, students must be currently enrolled as a doctoral student in good academic standing in any IU or Purdue school. Students in other departments of the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI are also welcome to apply.

Application Procedure

Students who would like to apply to the Ph.D. minor in Bioinformatics must submit via email to Elizabeth Cassell ( an application package (PDF) containing a:

Accepted students will be notified promptly.

Plan of Study (12 cr.)

The Ph.D. Minor in Bioinformatics is a 12-credit hour program comprised of four (4) courses, each of which is 3 credit hours.

Required Course (3 cr.)

Specialization Courses (9 cr.)

Select three of the following:

Currently, most of the courses have online in addition to classroom sections; therefore, at the student’s discretion, the Ph.D. Minor coursework may be completed entirely online in a minimum of one and a half years. Please refer to the IUPUI Registrar website for the detailed schedule of courses.

Grading Policy

A minimum of B (3.0) is required in each course that is to count toward the minor. If a minimum of B (3.0) is not earned in a course, that course must be retaken. A course may only be retaken once. Students who fail to achieve the minimum grade of B (3.0) the second time they take a course will not be able to earn the Ph.D. minor.

Qualifying Exam

The Ph.D. minor in Bioinformatics does not require a Qualifying Exam.