Informatics Defined

Computing in context. Harnessing the power and possibility of technology, informatics turns data and information into knowledge that people can use every day.

Informatics is all of this – and so much more. In the world of information and technology, it’s the bridge to all things useful. Informatics is the future.

Our Definition of Informatics

The Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing defines the field as “the study and application of information technology to the arts, science and professions, and to its use in organizations and society at large.”  Informatics students build new computing tools and applications. They study how people interact with information technology. They study how information technology shapes our relationships, our organizations, and our world.

Informatics is a new and rapidly developing field. It uses computing to solve the big problems: privacy, security, healthcare, education, poverty, and challenges in our environment. All Informatics applications are computer-based. Those applications are enhanced with tools and techniques from fields such as communication, mathematics, multimedia, and human-computer interaction design. Informatics differs from computer science and computer engineering because of its strong focus on the human use of computing.

Students of Informatics learn skills that allow them to harness the power of computing to solve real problems that directly impact our lives and the lives of those around us. They use their technology and problem solving skills to make a difference in the world. For students interested in a career with infinite potential, Informatics stands out as a strong, flexible and dynamic field of study.

The Impact of Informatics

“Today the computational power of an early mainframe can be found in an electronic greeting card, and the computational power that guided Apollo 11 to the moon is contained in a Furby electronic toy.

Envisioning the Future of Computing Research Communications of the ACM Viewpoint, August 2008

This is what we do in health

This is what we do for the world in health:

This is what we do in science

This is what we do for the world in science

This is what we do in Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

This is what we do for the world in HCI

This is what we do in interactive media and art

This is what we do for the world in interactive media and art

This is what we do in business

This is what we do for the world in business

This is what we do in communities

This is what we do for communities and the world

Informatics makes all of this possible. And the best part? It’s just the beginning. With every new piece of information and every new technology, there’s an opportunity for Informatics to play a role – to create knowledge, to bridge a gap, to impact the future. And because our world is always changing, Informatics skills will remain in demand, making it a career with endless opportunity and a limitless future.